I just wanted to formally communicate how pleased we (Bailiwick) are with the electrical scope completed at both Restaurant locations near Gulfport. We actually had our Master Electrician onsite during the installation and he was extremely pleased with the electrician’s knowledge, professionalism, and work ethic. The original scope was expected to take roughly 8 hours but your electrician was able to complete in under 6 hours while maintaining quality workmanship and integrity. Post installation tasks were also executed in a timely manner as I received deliverables less than 24 hours after scope was complete.


I will absolutely recommend your company to friends and associates in our field and will continue to use you as our “go to” electrical partner in the Gulf Coast Region.




Ray Buice

Project Manager



I wanted to thank you for all that you and your team have done for us at Allstate Fan Fest. Frischhertz Electric has been a trusted partner over the years and always delivers an excellent product with first in class customer service. The success of Allstate Fan Fest over the years is because of the great partners we have including Frischhertz Electric.


Mr. David Bush provides the ultimate in customer service on-site and we enjoy working with him every year. His dedication, positive attitude and knowledge make for the perfect fit on-site. He always over delivers and has the best interest for the event in mind.


We look forward to working together again next year.




Aaron Mork

Account Director

Octagon, Inc.

New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club


Thank you to you and everyone else at Frischhertz for the job you did in installing new light fixtures for the tennis courts at the Club. The lights are just what we were looking for to improve conditions for night play for our membership.


We also appreciate how you worked with us on our schedule to get the job completed in time for the USTA National Championships tennis tournament we host here every November.


The new equipment you recommended and installed allows us to use half the number of fixtures while providing twice the light we had previously, thereby saving us a significant amount of money annually on electrical costs. We estimate that the new fixtures will pay for themselves in approximately five years.


The word is out among the local tennis community and we have had numerous inquiries from other tennis facilities asking us where we got our new lights and for information about the new fixture. Our General Manager has shared your contact information with two country clubs in New Orleans and one racquet club in Baton Rouge, so far.


Thank you again for your recommendation and installation of our new tennis court lights. We look forward to playing under the improved lighting for several years to come.




Robert Olivier


Whole Foods


All of the planning paid off last night when we were able to complete the entire final electrical connections in 5 hours and 10 minutes.


I want to send a huge thanks to Kenny and the crew from Frischhertz who did an amazing job hooking up 40+ feeders in very cramped and hot (120 + degrees) working conditions. They did an outstanding job.


I would also like to send a huge thanks to the crew from Entergy who worked just as hard in the same conditions in the transformer vault.


Last but not least, big thanks to Robert King for all of the assistance coordinating this event and for staying through and keeping me supplied with water.


Good planning, great execution and outstanding effort!




Chris Staples

Construction Project Manager

Whole Foods Market, Southwest



I would like to thank you for your constant support of the work being performed around the site. The knowledge that you contribute to the everyday maintenance and projects is of great help. The knowledge that Thomas Bookman and Jim Gerlach Provide is greatly appreciated. The onsite Frischhertz employees always show a willingness to provide the best service they possibly can .Mr. Bookman and Mr. Gerlach always stay in contact with the plant C&IS when a job is being performed to insure that we are in agreement with the work being performed.


Also I would like to recognize the field technicians for the work they provide. The field electricians are engaged in the task at hand And provide support after turn overs to insure the job was completed to the satisfaction Of the plant.


Thanks for all the good work,

Chris Toussaint

CI&S Project Leader

Power and Energy Systems Engineering
J. J. Bergeron & Company, Inc.


I want to convey to you my appreciation for the excellent work done by the Frischhertz crew during the outage work this past weekend at East Jefferson General Hospital. David Mathews and the other Frischhertz personnel did a really good job and the hospital personnel were pleased with the result. The outage work was completed in less than the allotted time due because your guys really got onto the work and pushed to get it done.


Additionally, the pre-planning was excellent. David's suggestion to incorporate a switch in to the temporary generator in-feed saved time on this and future outages. Also, his recommendation to get the 13.8 kV sections of Switchboard #3 cleaned earlier in the week (Wednesday night) avoided a future problem for the hospital as we found burned phase-to-phase barrier boards in two cubicles which otherwise would not have been opened for our work. The hospital had a stock of micarta so these boards were replaced during the cleaning outage.


Our Project Team appreciates the electrical work done by Frischhertz and we look forward to a successful project.






As you can imagine, after Hurricane Katrina, there was a tremendous shortage of qualified subcontractors in New Orleans to renovate thousands of flooded homes. We were fortunate to have Frischhertz Electric as our electrical contractor in restoring the electrical components of our custom home. Frischhertz's electricians were always prompt, timely, professional, and courteous to us, as well as to the other subcontractors working in our home. Their ability to work with multiple subs on our project made the experience much easier on us, as well as on the other subs. They treated our home with respect and always cleaned up at the end of each day. We would highly recommend Frischhertz Electric and would not hesitate to use them again in the future. It is comforting for us to know that they became intimately knowledgeable of all of the electrical components of our home, so if a need arises in the future, we will have the confidence and pleasure of calling on Frischhertz.



Martha and Gary Solomon

Spaw-Glass Construction Inc.


Upon completion of each project, our regional offices review their own performance and that of the many subcontractors and suppliers involved.

The Houston Regional Office recently completed such and evaluation of the St. Jude Hospital project and your company was specifically cited for its professionalism, cooperation, and excellent work.

Please accept my personal thanks and appreciation for your contribution to the successful completion of a project that we may both be proud of.



Cecil Windsor

Chief Operating Officer

Republican National Convention


Dear Bernard,

It was a real pleasure to meet and work with you on the 1988 Republican National Convention. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf and the fine service you and your organization provided.


Best regards,

Mark Goode

Garfield Electric


Dear Gregg and Bernard,

Reference is made to the New Orleans Bridge Lighting Project completed July 3, 1989.Garfield Electric Company was extremely pleased to work with you and your company throughout the course of this significant project. As you know, we were very proud of the team that had been assembled to jointly work on this project.Now that the dust has settled and we all have continued on our own company paths, we at Garfield thought it might be appropriate to present you with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Mayor's office of the City of New Orleans. It was a pleasure to work with you on this project and we hope you accept this certificate with our best wishes for present and future success.


Very truly yours,

Garfield Electric Company

T. Robert Armstrong

Executive Vice President

Housing Authority of New Orleans


Dear Mr. Frischhertz,

I would like to personally thank you on behalf of the Housing Authority for the manner in which you responded to our needs for emergency services at two of our major developments during the past week. In both instances, the one at our Desire Development and the one at our Fischer Development, our tenants were spared some extremely uncomfortable times because of your immediate response. In spite of inclement weather in both instances Mr. Richard Cain and other members of your staff performed admirably - well beyond the call of normal duty. Thank you so very much for a job well done. It is a pleasure to have your company doing business with the Housing Authority.



Housing Authority of New Orleans

Sidney H. Cates, III

Executive Director

Mayor Marc. H. Morial


Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your superb work in lighting the Basin Street monuments. Not only does this lighting add a new sense of drama and welcome to Basin Street, but you were able to achieve this new effect in time for the Inter-American Development Bank annual meeting and the arrival of the Latin American heads of state, who will want to visit these shrines to their heroes. Please know that everyone involved in this Basin Street initiative appreciates your fine and fast work.



Marc H. Morial


The Audubon Institute


Dear Jimmy,

Our 1994 Zoo-To-Do is now over but we've only just begun to thank you for your tremendous support and for your participation! Once again, the Zoo-To-Do was extremely successful and this year's event raised over $500,000 to help the Audubon Zoo! This enormous achievement could not have been possible without friends like you whose dedication and generosity helped us to produce Zoo-To-Do! Jimmy, as always, you were more than terrific in lending the necessary support and professionalism. Terry is a joy to work with and we so much appreciate everything Frischhertz does for us! Please, please know how sincerely grateful we are to you for helping the Audubon Zoo to remain a vital source of enjoyment for the community. Your involvement is a tribute to the 20-year tradition of building a Zoo we can all cherish and we literally couldn't do it without you!


Warmest Regards,

Shelly L. Devlin

Event Coordinator


Mrs. William Metcalf, Jr.1994



Laura Gautreaux

Asst. Event Coordinator

New Orleans Lakefront Airport


Dear Mr. Gleason,

We would like to inform you in this letter that all your crew worked in a professional manner on Lakefront Airport's (OLB) new signage and taxiway D & E in ground lighting. The work was done in a very timely and orderly fashion. We would also like to give credit to your foreman, Arthur Wallace. He and his men worked closely with Louie and Augie in Maintenance as well as the DOA's office. Thank you very much for your service. We have worked with your company in the past and hope to work with you again in the future.



Augie Favor

Facility Maintenance Coordinator I


Louis Durr

Facility Maintenance Coordinator II


Renaissance Arts Hotel


Dear Steve,

We at Gibbs Construction would like to thank you and your staff for your commitment and effort in making the Renaissance Arts Hotel project a success. Eddie, Terry, and Hank, along with the rest of your project team, exhibited a kind of teamwork we are glad to be associated with.

We can all be extremely proud of the final product. Gibbs Construction and I look forward to the opportunity to work with your team again and build on our success.



Robert S. Wooderson

Vice President

Arts Council


Dear Mr. Frischhertz,

Although this is my first year to hold the title of "Director" for the Fresh Art Festival, it was my 3rd year to have the pleasure of working with the Frischhertz team. There were many uncertainties in the months leading up to the Festival, but my electrical needs were never an area of concern. Not only did Claus and Rick create a well-lit atmosphere from a parking lot, Rick even came up with a cost effective and efficient way to hang hundreds of feet of lights on 90 assorted tents.

The crew is helpful, happy, and always manage to make the seemingly impossible possible. As long as I am the Director, Frischhertz will continue to be our 'official' provider of amps and volts. (Unless Claus, Rick, and Otto leave!)



Barbara Workman


Fresh Art Festival

Emergency Power N&S Plants


Dear Bruce,

We would like to compliment your company and men for the excellent work that was done on the referenced project. This is what happens when all parties involved work together to complete the job. I can also say that the owner and project engineer are very well pleased with your standards of work. Hoping that we can work together again on a future job. May I compliment you again and wish you the best.


Best Regards,

Tom Roberson

Project Manager

Volute INC.