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Don't Worry about Power Outages!

Frischhertz™ Electric Launches Home Generator Business in New Orleans


New Orleans - With hurricane season now upon us, many people are planning for "the big one". One of the concerns shared by most New Orleanians is the loss of power.


Whether you have small children who need formula and food, home offices that must operate, health systems that need to be powered, or if you simply prefer not to endure the inconvenience of the loss of electricity caused by high winds, Frischhertz Electric has the answer. The 50 year old company, known for its high-end commercial contracts, has introduced the Coleman PowerStation™ to New Orleans. Developed by Coleman Powermate™, the PowerStation™ provides back up power when you need it.


The Coleman PowerStation™ is a stationary electric generator for the home that automatically restores power during an outage. The all-weather generator, which is installed outside the home like a central air unit, senses when power is disrupted and instantly starts whether the homeowner is there or not. Once power is restored, the PowerStation™ system shuts off.


Jimmy Frischhertz, president of Frischhertz™ Electric, explains, "The Coleman PowerStation™ is really about peace of mind, and is an easy way to protect your home and family."


According to a new study by Coleman Powermate, 75% of Americans experienced a power outage last year with the longest average outage lasting up to nearly 17 hours.


"A home without electricity is as helpless as a car without gasoline," says Brendan McCormick, vice-president and general manager for Coleman Powermate's Industrial Division™.


"The PowerStation™ system is insurance against power outages, guaranteeing comfort, security and peace of mind during very stressful circumstances."


How does it work?

The Coleman PowerStation™ is:

  1. Automatic — Continuously monitors your electrical system and turns on automatically if power goes out. Turns itself off when power is restored.

  2. Convenient — Installed outside your home, takes up approximately the same space as a central air unit.

  3. Reliable — Conducts bi-weekly self tests so you're assured of reliable operation.

  4. UL Approved — Transfer switch prevents dangerous power backfeeds. Automatic safety shutdown protects engine.

  5. Quiet and Efficient — Runs on clean, dependable natural gas or propane. Connected directly to your natural gas or propane tank.


The result?

No longer will homeowners have to worry about spoiled food and security systems not working.


According to Frischhertz, "The PowerStation™ reduces the stress that comes with a power outages. When the power goes out, The PowerStation™ keeps appliances running without a hitch. You can even watch television and read with the lights on instead of using a flashlight."


And the PowerStation™ is worry-free. The unit even includes an exerciser clock that automatically starts the generator every two weeks to ensure that the unit is operating at peak efficiency.


The PowerStation™ is available in sizes ranging from 8.5 kW to 200 kW.


For more information about the Coleman PowerStation™,

contact Frischhertz™ Electric, 504/482-1146.


Coleman PowerStation™ is subsidiary of the Sunbeam Corporation. Headquartered in Aurora, IL, Coleman Powermate has been manufacturing electric generators, air compressors and pressure washers for more than 35 years.


Founded in 1951, Frischhertz™ Electric Company is a family owned and operated business providing electrical contracting services including fiber optic installation/inspection, infrared surveying, commercial/residential service and emergency work. The company is one of the largest contracting firms in South Louisiana. It has provided electrical installation in large commercial and industrial projects such as the New Orleans Ernest M. Morial Convention Center, the lighting of the Greater New Orleans Bridge and the Mobil Oil Chalmette Refinery.