Sports Lighting


From our work on the Superdome to community playgrounds and tennis courts, Frischhertz Commercial has handled just about every type of sports lighting situation. Our expertise in outdoor sports lighting also extends to include both neighborhood streets and super-highways. No job is too small or too large.


Equipped with a fleet of bucket trucks, truck-mounted cranes, and underground excavation gear, Frischhertz has the capability to design a pole’s structural foundation and is proficient in direct-buried wood, steel, and aluminum poles as well as pre-stressed concrete. Ultimately, we can provide a total-engineered design—structural and pole supports, electrical controls, and lighting layouts customized to your specific requirements. In addition, our operation maintains a project manager on duty around the clock. They are available to respond immediately to any unanticipated problem, from a simple lamp change to a pole replacement, while your sporting event is taking place.