Design-Build & Assist


Design-build is a project delivery system in which the designer and builder (in Frischhertz’s case, the electrical contractor) are one and the same. This system has been rapidly supplanting more customary systems in the contracting industry, and the reason is simple—design-build carries a number of key advantages for project owners and architects.


For one, unlike the traditional design-bid-build process, design-build consolidates responsibility under a single entity. With Frischhertz Electric Company as your project’s design-builder, you are assured of consistency from drawings to installation, accountability for all work performed, and harmonious teamwork across the entire project.


Furthermore, design-build sees projects completed for less money and in less time. For example, when a project is completed quickly, tenants can move into the building sooner and the business can start to perform months earlier than they would otherwise.





The above graphic demonstrates how the project’s cost in design-build is established early on in the process (just after the preliminary drawings are completed) and how the entire bidding stage is eliminated. In design-build, if the proposed cost exceeds the owner’s budget, Frischhertz Electric can refine the preliminary drawings and make adjustments until the cost is in line with financing. By establishing the cost early on and eliminating a tedious and time-consuming phase, the project’s completion period is condensed.


Frischhertz Electric excels in the design-build process because of our experience in balancing good design with construction value, our strong electrical contracting management ability, and our leadership in emerging technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). With BIM, architects, engineers, and contractors create three-dimensional digital representations of all a building’s elements throughout the various stages of the building process. Also allowing designs and information to be shared, BIM enables construction professionals to streamline project management, control costs, enhance coordination, and minimize the risk of errors and omissions.


Frischhertz Electric works equally as well on design-assist projects, in which we partner closely with the owner, designers, and other contractors to ensure efficient and successful results.